I took the plunge earlier this year to get shave off all my hair, I recorded the whole process in a video here, it was a fun experience and I wrote alot about my journey in a few posts on the blog,  click here to read.
I recently got a wig from a lady on instagram Adaroah and I have gotten alot of compliments and people asking me where I got my wig from so I have decided to do a review to answer all the questions. 

  • Human hair or synthetic: its human hair
  • Density: it is super soft and very lightweight
  • Lenght: Its 18 inches long.
  • How long have I worn it?: I have had it for a week and half now
  • Can it be curled/ straightened ?:NO
  • Can it be colured?:NO
  • Tangling: It tangles a bit, I won't recommend sleeping with it or sleeping with any wig for that matter.
  • Maintenance: it doesn't require a special form of maintenance. I I haven't used any form of product on the wig and its been doing just fine
  • Price: for the quality, its quirte affordable. The wig costs #13,000. I paid #1,500 for delivery
  • Wig or weave: Its a wig.
  • Will I shop from them again?: Yes, maybe later in the future.
  • Will I recommend?: I'm indifferent about it, but the choice is yours to make at the end of the day
  • Where can you get: On instagram , contact @adaorah via instagram 

*this is not a paid post or a form of sponsorship.
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