Photography by me- Damie Alabi

February is the month of love just in time for me to come off my indefinite blogging holiday. I have had a few posts up before now but I haven’t sat down to write from the heart to you via the blog.
Welcome to the month of love, I hope you are excited for the special day in the month and you are going to show love and spread it across in the best way you can. This month has me excited and happy for many reasons and I intend to share some of that with you in this post first lets go over my February goals
When I started this blog, all I wanted to do was write my thoughts and daily experiences and that hasn’t changed much the blog has just evolved from a personal blog to a lifestyle blog which is kind of the same thing but with a twist.
I get super excited about creating content for my blog just ‘cos the whole creative process is fun and when it all comes together its even better.
Yesterday, I drew my content calendar for the month and I have to say you definitely have a reason to stick around. Incase you didn’t know or you are new to my blog , I also have a youtube channel and a podcast and all of these including the blog are getting really nice content in February.

Over the years I have postponed learning effectively how  to use these photoshop and corel draw. Why have I been procrastinating? That question I am yet to get an answer to but I am determined this month to get my head in the game and learn to use effectively at least one of these programmes /software.
Also another reason why I really want to learn is I have a lot of pictures from my training with Mr. Olude at 365 DC studios that are yet to be edited and that includes the feature photo in this post.
My final reason is with that Photoshop , I can have better pictures after editing .

At the beginning of the year a lot of people including me wrote the goal/resolution to be healthy, loose weight or stay fit well we are still here. For me, January was a test/ trial month can the year start over again.
I’m not saying my goal for feb. is to loose weight, that is too much stress for me all I want to do is stay healthy and eat right.

I’ll be a hypocrite not to say I’m excited about valentine’s day. I know there are people who are single and are anti valentine but I’m not. I have nothing against it even though often times than none I never have a val. I’m excited for the movies that come out around that time and the gist of how someone got a range rover and the other got dumped.
I think beyond the celebration of love, there is a lot of drama around vals day and that is enough entertainment to get my mind off the deteriorating state of my country Nigeria

I’ll love to know in the comment section what are you excited ?


  1. Interesting! for me especially Feb 14, I love to see lots of red and white clothes flooding the streets.

    1. yes! those are worth the sight! thanks for stopping by


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