Is it too late to start a blog? The answer to that is no infact it is the right time as bloggers are getting attention from media and multinational companies. Blogging in fun and can be profitable if only you do it the right way. I offer blog consultations to bloggers check it out here and I also share blogging tips here. If you want to blog the right way,get noticed and make a good enough income, I recommend answering these questions.

1. What is your niche/what do you want to blog about? 
One thing that will make you stand out as a blogger is unique content. I do not recommend copy and paste in any way and I’m assuming you intend to create great and awesome content. 
NOTE: you can blog about anything and everything. People I have worked with in the past have unique niches like motivation for married women, personal blogging, articles and even dogs and interviews of dog breeders. 
I recommend you do not limit yourself in anyway. The world is your oyester .
2. What is your personality?
To some extent, blogging is personal. People are quick to judge you by how the vibe they get off your blog. In no way am I telling you to be fake, don’t get me wrong. All I’m saying is be at your best. Don’t be the blogger that is quick to insult his/her readers over a negative comment. 
NOTE: what ever your personality is, let is be relatable and that’s all you need. Hit your audience from a common angle and the rest is history. 
3. What will your blogging voice be? 
Blogging voice is how your write, the tine you write in and how you come across to your readers. A classic example, fashion magazines are known for their upbeat and fun style of writing. Imagine your favourite fashion magazine starts writing in a sad/melancholic way. How will you feel? Exactly.
NOTE: Choose your blogging voice and stick to it. 
4. Who is your role model (blogger)? 
As humans in different aspects of your lives we have role models, having a role model in blogging is just perfect. 
Questions you need to answer?
What do you love about this person? 
What make this blogger unique? 
How can you develop some of these unique things and be better? 

5. Who is your competition? 
Starting a blog can be likened to starting a business. We are basically doing our market survey. This step is not really important especially if you are just blogging for fun. If you see yourself growing an income in the next year or few years, stalk people in your niche Competition is healthy.
6. Why are you blogging? 
We all know they story of I started blogging as a hobby, this is 2017, set your priorities straight and lets help each other grow. I’m not saying starting a blog as a hobby isn’t good, but if you want it to grow into a full time job, you need to start treating it as that from the first day. 

7. What is your brand? 
Every blog/ blogger has a brand whether consciously done or otherwise. The reason why you have these questions to guide you is so that you can start as a pro. If you start with all these things set, you will not crawl as a blogger. Look out for some of your favorite bloggers and study their brands.

8. How will your blog be designed? 
This is pretty self-explanatory but I’ll give you tips on how to go about this. 
Which plugins/widgets do you want on your blog?
What is your colour scheme?
Which blogs do you admire and why? 

Feel free to check out some of my blogging articles as you start your blogging journey. 

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  1. Hi Damme, pls hw can I reach you?

  2. Hi Damme, pls hw can I reach you?

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  4. Nice tips you have up here!

  5. Nice one Dammie.
    I just started my 2nd blog, it's a blog focused on encouraging personal growth,self love, confidence etc, through motivation, inspiration and real talk.


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