The Easter break is over and Damie is on her creative, I apologize  for not being here to wish you happy holidays. Hope you had a fun filled and relaxing holiday. I sure did. There are issues that needs to be discussed as the big brother is over and now we can focus on real life and trivial issues. 
Damie's Diary blog suffered alot over the past month 'cos I was juggling my 9-5 and school. Yes, I'm back to school if you didn't know this I recommend you check out my about me tag. Also Follow me on social media for updates.

These pictures were taken a while back but I just never had time to put a full article into this post. I got the skirt from and Instagram shop called "Misglam Boutique", the blouse is from my budding fashion house "six2six fashion". I'll put full details at the end of the post.

How was your easter break fill me in?