Its been a while I did a from the heart blog post, If you read the drastic changes blog post, you will know that things are about to change here and this is a post in the right direction. 
My friend and secondary school mate got married last month and as a blogger/vlogger I went all out with recording videos to make into a youtube vlog. After editing in bits over a period of time, I lost the edited version of the video, I couldn't cry. I was so proud of myself and my editing that I was ready to show the world but alas life  did me like strong thing. Found the video later on and finished editing it yesterday.
To create a very good wedding video, I had to listen to a bunch of love songs to find what would tell Kemi and Seun's story well. During this process, I came across some oldies that I love  and  I have decided to share with you.
In no particular order..........................

This song brings a smile to my face. Ololufe was released when I was in secondary school and barely knew anything about falling in love. Fast forward to several years later, I can relate to every word in the song. Wande coal has always been a fav and this song a super favorite. This is an open request to Nigerian artistes , can we have more songs like this.
If like me you ,love this song and want to add it to your playlist, download Ololufe by Wande coal Here

I have said this and I'm documenting on my blog, I want this song played on my wedding day. Iyawo mi  is everything. I love the lyrics, rendition, video and everything about the song. Its hard to find someone who doesn't like this song.
Want to download this song, check it out here

Aduke by Tjan
Have you ever loved something so much you can't express it in English? That's how I feel about Aduke. Ever since I heard this song, I have played it over and over without shame. The first time I heard this song, it was hard to believe a Nigerian sang it.
About the song:  He enters with how awesome she is and asks her to be his wife, promises to take care of her and says he doesn't want to have this experience with another woman.
Who doesn't want a man to say all these sweet things and more? I know I do.

I heard this song for the first time at a filling station in Jos when it was the song of the week on Rythm Fm Jos. Even though I didn't understand anything he said, I loved the song. The sound and the uniqueness of the  Hausa Language. I made it a point of duty to find out what the song was about then found out the song was for his wife. He basically celebrated his wife and professed his love for his wife.
Check out my post here about the song.

I'll love to know, what are some of your favorite Love songs by Nigerians?


  1. I am ashamed to say i only know the first one. And barely. Olufumi by style plus is one of my favorites



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