Saving is an important aspect in everyone's life and the earlier you teach your child/children the better for them and the society at large. With the Nigerian economy at an unstable state, the last thing you want is to raise a child that is careless money. 
Growing up, saving wasn't made a big deal.Now that I am my "almost adulting" phase, I want to inspire you to teach your child the importance of saving. Lets empower our younger ones/children to be responsible. 
In this post, I want to share with you easy ways to teach your child to save and its importance. 

Children are open to learning , they catch on to things really quick at this stage in their lives. Have a conversation with your child or younger one. Explain to him/her the benefits of saving without taking anything back. 
Saving is a serious topic as it deals with money that is also a very serious topic but find a way to discuss the difference between needs and wants and tell your children you are always open to talking about money and new ways to save.  Ask them about what they want to save up for.  Ask them what they want their future to look like make this conversation fun and memorable too

Piggy bank or as we know it "kolo" is a great way to teach your child/sibling saving and self denial. As a child, my primary school teacher gave us the assignment of making "kolo" from an old beverage can and the process of saving was satisfying and fulfilling. 
Saving with piggy banks just got  interesting, recently launched "kolos" in different shapes and bright colours to make saving fun for children.
The unique thing with this kolo is it encourages saving through its bright colours as children love bright colours and teaches them about animals as it comes in different animals too. 
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Children are quick to pick up habits and attitudes from people around them. Also, children are easily influenced by their environment, friends and the media. In your best interest as a parent or guardian, take this opportunity to influence your child with the right things by showing them and teaching them the habit of saving and putting money away for rainy days.
You should not just be talking to your child or younger one about saving, it should be a process the both of you are going through together.

As children, we thought of adult life differently. It seemed like our parents worked so hard and made so much money to last the whole month. Here's the reality of what we didn't know, we didn't know they planned out their finances and saved for rainy days. We all saw adulting in a different way.
Which brings me to my next and finaly point, have a talk with your child/sibling about finances and money. Do not scare them about life or money talks just tell them how it is. Do not deceive them that they will work little and party every weekend. Let them understand the basics of life and it will inspire them to be responsible.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with . My is a cool way to teach your child saving as the offer kolo( piggy bank) in different shapes, sizes and colour that are appealing to children too.
To celebrate children's day next week, My kolo is giving away one "kolo" to a child through a cool parent, sister/brother, uncle/ aunt.....anyone.
Follow the instructions in the flier and stand a chance to make a child smile on children's day.

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  1. I remember at a very young age how mum told me never to buy biscuit and sweet with all the money I get but should always remain for the days the money might not come. By that she had taught me how to save and I grew up with that. It's good to teach kids about saving, it will help them as they grow.

  2. I had a kolo as a child too and it was really cool, dropping all the small small change visitors gave to you and opening the piggy bank when mommy or daady needed to borrow money LOL! I'd love to win this for my 8 year old brother because Issa smart kid. Hence, I'm entering in right away. :D

    1. visitors don't give money again, it is so sad. Good luck


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