Happy Wednesday, how's your  week going? For me, my week is just starting like right now. How cool is that. Monday and Tuesday have influenced most of my goals for may as I had medical check-up on Monday and there where some revelations and now I am here drinking up soft drinks like my life depends on it,and the sad thing is it does.I'll go in-depth in a video or blog-post really soon.
Ever since I reached this adulting stage, I started making this goals. Adulting is a lot harder than I thought it would be but we are pushing through, thank God. If you don't set goals for the month, I charge you to try it out and take account at the end of every month. 

  • Loose 5kg: I have been on a slow but steady weight loss journey and so far so good 've being seeing good results. I weighed 98kg at the beginning of the year and now I weigh 85kg, thats progress and I am excited for the next couple of months. It is topping my list 'cos its health related and we all know health is a serious topic
  • Consume as much sugar as I can: this is with revelation from my medical checkup. Experts all ready know what I m talking about but I am on high sugar consumption diet at the moment and I need to see results by the end of the month. 
  • Get straight B's: Before you judge, we all know our abilities and me aiming for straight B's isn't too bad right? I have exams in 2 weeks, I hope the blog doesn't suffer. I'll try to create content for the next couple of weeks but it might not be daily but I will be consistent. So exams- aim- all B's
  • Work on more creative content 
  • Finish up the website for my new business.


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