When someone asks me what I am watching on TV, I  go blank 'cos I do not remember the last time I spent one full hour in front of the television.I have been watching a few web-series, I think you should too and I have decided to share them with you. 

MTV'S SHUGA( Down South)
I am pretty sure you are not new to MTV Shuga and if you are, what a great time to be alive. MTV shuga is an educative yet entertaining TV series that shows the lives of youths, their struggles with sex,relationship, peer pressure etc. 
It educates people on HIV/AIDS and also engages its audience through questions every week. MTV Shuga DS was shot in South-Africa and I find it quite interesting as it not only shows lives of people there or life from their perspective but also connects Africans together and sells tourism
Check out their website for details and episodes you might have missed- http://www.mtvshuga.com/


I discovered this series through Eniolatito's Insta stories and I fell in love within those 10 seconds. Inspector K is a comic crime drama that tells a story about an inspector who tries to figure out the killer behind the murder of a popular blogger. He is accompanied by the dumbest officers but in their little way are smart. 
Every episode leaves you with a clue to finding the killer and keeps you waiting for another.
Check out Inspector K here

Is it fair to say this is my favourite of them all? Well it is. Our best friend's wedding is about a guy- Charles who thinks his mum has cancer and has decided to get married before she possibly dies. He asks for help from his best friends who are ladies and they begin the hunt for a bride. 
Its a comical series as well and quite interesting. 
Ps. Season 1 ended a few weeks ago but you can still check it out here and anticipate season 2 like me

Now my secret is out of the bag, you know what I am watching when I am on the internet. I'll love to know in the comment section, do you like web series? If yes, what are you watching?


  1. Nice!!!Let me quickly look for our best friend's wedding.The faces in it I love.MTV shuga has always been on my list.


    1. I bet you'll love it! I started MtV's Shuga with season 3 and now ehn, I don't miss an episode. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Inspector K has it for me.


  3. How come you did not mention 'This is It'. I love love that series, though they only did a season 1. Skinny girl in Transit got real love all over the internet though, i must give it to them


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