D.I.Y Ankara Pillows

Ankara pillows add a little bit of spice to any area or space and it also brings in the African/Nigerian feel to a space. Ankara pillows have been my favourite for a long time and when I got the oppurtunity to do it, I didn’t sleep on it.

Before making this Ankara pillows, my aim was to have at least 10 pillows on my bed, now I’m at 7 and we are competing for space i.e my pillows and I. I have these pillows everywhere in this house ...from the living room to the bedrooms and trust me when you get a hang of making these, you will go ham just like me.

In this post, I have embedded a tutorial on how to make this pillows and when you do make them, please tag me on instagram( @damiesdiary) I’ll love to see how they turn out.