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Connecting with people via the internet can be very cool and fun but one can also feel very lonely and isolated at the same time.  Bloggers resume to Work like professionals in other fields but  for us work means login in on a social site on the internet. Sadly,  we do not have colleagues to give high fives in the mornings, chat about football /fashion or even chill with after work. This explains why I try not to miss an opportunity to chill or hang out with fellow bloggers.

Connecting with people via the internet can be very cool and fun but one can also feel very lonely and isolated at the same time.  

Ever since being a full time creative entrepreneuer and content creator, one thing I have missed is chit-chats when I am stressed out at work or just bored from working. I have a desk space I work from at home and when I get bored I just take to instagram or facebook which is more internet( so much for taking a break) . You are probably wondering “ what is she  driving at?" As a full time blogger/part-time blogger or even hobby blogger( yes its a thing) we need to connect with people of like minds, creatives and bloggers .We need to find people who we can relate with and call colleagues, people we can tell our struggles and problems to and they  completely understand.
I have been blogging for almost 5 years now and believe me when I say the internet can be a lonely and boring place. When I started blogging, there were only a handful of bloggers and internet wasn’t an easy thing to access.  Now with better social media networks its easier to connect with fellow bloggers and role models. Every blogger is on a journey so I recommend you get someone to walk the blogging walk with.



Friendship no matter the tag we put on it has to be symbiotic .I made friends with Tosin Olaniyi and Tonye Igbani last year , I can tell you  boldly that we support each other in the best way we can. Instagram , twitter and other social media platforms feeds off engagement and when you have friends who no matter what you post are there to give you your first like, comment and help boost your profile, what more can you ask for. 

Have you ever made a very drastic mistake online and a friend chipped in to correct you or just give their little advice on that thing. I know I have and I have done the same too. 
 A classic example- I was out taking pictures with fellow bloggers Tosin Olaniyi and Tonye Igbani last year and my outfit had a major hiccup and it just wasn't working, they told me  and I stopped taking pictures right before I made a public embarrassment. 

Grace of Epiphany 29 , Damiesdiary

This one is perfect for fashion bloggers who need take outfit pictures for their blogs. When you have a friend who understands that you might take 100 pictures and only use 8 for a blog post and 3 for social media, then you have one less thing to worry about. 
Cameras are quite expensive and booking sessions with a professional photographer is just as expensive too. Setting out a day to take blog pictures with your blogger friends will not only save you time and money but will also be a good way to have fun. 
Quick tip: you can also mix and match bags or other accessories to spice up each other's looks.

As a blogger, we have our strengths and weaknesses. I might be really good at photography and lack the know-how in SEO and my blogger friend probably knows all the tricks to SEO. With a balanced friendship like that, we can help each other out and learn from each other. 
Bloggers have the coolest colleagues and should take advantage of the oppourtunity 

The pictures in this post were taken at a fellow bloggers photoshoot Enkay for her fashion brand coming out really soon. We went out to support her and create as much publicity as we could for her brand and the best part is she didn't pay us. This is a service a brand will pay to have us do but being a blogger friend we just did the best we could and we are out here routing and cheering her up till she releases her line. 
In other ways like lookbooks, launches, product launch and more, bloggers help each other in the best way possible.
Quick tip: Collaborate with your blogger friends to help each other grow

My outfit details: 
Ankara Blouse: Six2Six Brand
Jeans x Sneakers: Thrifted
Bag: Damie Lagos

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