Oleku was a big deal a few years ago, my question for you is now that it is not in season or a trend, "what have you done with your ankara Iro and Buba?" you have probably tucked it away.
If you are an avid reader of this blog, you will know by now that I am not one to follow trends. I wear what I want when I want.Which explains why I am rocking Oleku Buba years after. 

My mum made my dresses growing up and when a new trend hits the fashion scene and I'm all over the place screaming I want to sew it, she says ok but never makes it. I would wear whatever she made me grudgingly , you know how Nigerian mums can be. They know what is best for you and once they take a decision on your behalf, its final.

What am I driving at with this history, this has influenced me alot. I don't jump on trends with my mum being in the fashion business, I have seen trends come and go and the cycle goes on and on.
Don't get me wrong trends are not bad but I don't go overboard splurging on a new trend or making myself a new dress knowing that in the next 4 months it will just be another junk in my wardrobe.

Invest in timeless pieces that can easily be mixed and matched with changing times and trends . Timeless pieces are things you should be spending a huge chunk of your money.Classic examples include jeans,black blazers, simple tees, LBD to mention a few. With pieces like this in your closet,  if neon is in season, buy a neon bag or shoe and move on with your life. Don't go overboard buying 6-10 shoes. 

ASUU strike was on for a while and staying at home didn't do me any good as I have added a few pounds here and there. This picture was taken when my family went for medical checkup and the only thing I needed at the moment was to be comfy. 
I styled my mum's oleku buba with a pair of thrifted jeans and white sneakers. I have a thrift haul coming up soon on my youtube channel- Damie Alabi. I recommend you subcribe so you don't miss out and I have a giveaway in that video too.

What is your take on trends? 

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