As a Nigerian lifestyle blogger that takes time to create her content, it is important for me to plan ahead so you my beautiful reader are not left hanging when there needs to be a new post up on the blog. I shared my blogging process here a few years ago and this is more like an updated version to that as back then I didn't really plan out my content. 

I started planning an scheduling my content when I realized I used to be under pressure to put something up on the blog especially at the last minute. This method might not necessarily work for you if you are a news or gossip blogger or your content has a lot to do with time but if you are like me a lifestyle blogger or a food blogger,fashion blogger, beauty blogger ,travel blogger the list goes on and on then this is for you.


Blog planners are great for organizing content on the go.They also help visually organize content and tick out posts that have been worked on. Its like having a calendar, diary, to-list and much more in one book. Unlike the other forms of organisation you do not have to wait till you get home to input a new idea as you can easily do that with your blog planner.
I love that blog planners are pretty and stylish I got mine from Heartdictions by Dee Mako- Check here 


This is a great way to plan and organize content even big advertising and production firms use this. I use this white board to organize content for my blog and youtube channel. I got this white board for about #1,200 and the markers for #100 each. 
What I love about this form of blog content planning is you can place it in a strategic location which will help you achieve set goals. All you need to do is draw out a calendar with permanent marker and fill it out with erasable marker.

I got this small calendar from my church at the beginning of the year and when I got it, I planned I was going to use it for content planning.
Churches have this easy to input calendars with  motivational quotes in them and they are perfect for also inputting content ideas, you can use pencil on this to easily erase any form of mistake made on this. Just like the white board method it is very restrictive as you cannot take it around with you but it is hands down the cheapest as this calendar cost me only #500

I'll like to know what do you use to plan your content?


  1. This your plan is great...I normally assign a category to each day of the week,so on Mondays I know i'll be working on lifestyle whereas Tuesdays are for questions and answers/guest posts and so on.


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