I started the year reading on how to have the best year and in my readings a website with the Nairabet affiliate code and it stuck out to me and it led me into thinking and researching on how make 2018 awesome.The new year started of slow and steady for me and its amazing to believe that the first month is almost over. It is definitely a lot better than 2017 and the only thing I can do is be grateful for the opportunity and where I how far I have come as a person and a blogger.
In the early days of the month I was contacted by an old work collegue to come over to their sister company to teach the skill I have spent years acquiring( videography) I was more than excited more so money was involved so why not.
In not time I began the training, taught the first class and gave the guy asssigned to me an assignment to come back with videos that will be used for his first edits.
Fast forward to the second day, he came with videos of people winning items like television,money and more. Beyond being amazed by the quality of the footages he had I was exposed to a whole new whole that seemed too good to be true. I kept on pondering to myself if there is a world of so much more out there how come I am just finding out at this hour, its better late than never they say.
Lumi( the trainee) made his first set of edits I watched and corrected accordingly with only one thing on my mind, how to conduct my research to access this whole new world.
On my way home in this annoying Lagos traffic I brought out my phone to conduct my first research and stumbled on a few sites but this one stuck out to me and led me even further into believing this is a world I cold explore and be a part of.
The question is do I have what it takes to compete with the experts in this field as I know next to nothing about sports betting.....Oh well its worth trial. To be honest with you I am going back to Lumi( my trainee) to teach me how it is done.
2018 is the year of making money from multiple streams of income, I am not here to play and I hope you aren’t too cos if you are , you don’t roll with us.
Have you tried this out, do you intend to? Share tips with me on how to make big wins.