Happy new year to you, I hope you had an amazing christmas break and an amazing new years celebration and holiday. Holidays are over for me though as I am back to blogging and vlogging. I am back to connecting with you via this platform and every other platform I can lay my hands on.
Damie’s Diary began to suffer towards the end of last year as I began to focus more on my youtube channel.  I apologize if you are more into reading and I wasn’t here to update the blog. I won’t give excuses but rather I plan to do better over time. I am still learning how to balance both but I believe with time I will get a hang of it. I plan to do a life update post to bring you in a little bit on what has been happening, please stick around for that.

The only thing that was holding me back and stopping me from achieving my goals and plans was me
I am not a huge fan of resolutions, I do my best to set goals in different aspects of my life by creating a theme for the year. Alot of churches do this an I find that it works for me alot. In 2016, I decided to ’say yes ’.At that point in my life, I realized that the only thing that was holding me back and stopping me from achieving my goals and plans was me. So I decided to get out of my comfort zone and say yes to opportunities, face my fears, stepping out of my comfort zone and more. I took on unpaid internships, traveled, connected with people who challenged me as a person and lots more.
Last year was kind of hard for me, I decided to try as many things as possible as getting a job in 2016 was really hard so I decided “whatever my hands find to do,I will do” It was a challenging year I wouldn’t lie. I took photography jobs,video work jobs, I traveled to Ibadan to teach wig making, I did take free jobs here and there hoping something will kick everything off well. I got a very stressful and challenging job in the logistics industry, why you might wonder.I was tired of siting at home so I took the next option. 
The most challenging part of 2017 for me was I was broke most of the time. Broke is subjective but I was so broke I lost my ATM card as I didn’t see a reason to hold it darely as there was no money there.It was so bad that when the bank took out charges for SMS and card maintainace I began to owe them as there was nothing to take out anymore.

 Alot of my friends got married, some engaged to be married next year and one of my friends Bukola welcomed her first son. The Bible says count your blessings and even though these aren’t mine directly they are blessings of people I love and care about,so why not.

What is my personal theme? Influence. That is the word  I have chosen this year. I want to be able to influence people in anyway I can, the good way though. I will write an epistle to this word in another post and why I chose it but for now my theme for 2018 is “INFLUENCE”

I hope that above all things you find joy, your heart is gladdened every single day. I hope that you are happy and surround by love, so much love it radiates through you.
I hope all your wishes come through and God grants your heart desires. I wish you all the good things of life and pray you have the best year you have ever had in your life this 2018

A group of friends and I are starting a saving challenge this year, I have all the details in the video linked in this post, I recommend you check it out.

Happy New Year again,